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About Me

Hello my name is Pesi Mau and I’m 10 years old and this is all about me. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister. My culture is full Tongan. My favourite food is McDonalds because of the cheese it sometimes melts, I also like the bun because it’s nice and toasted and the paddy is so nice and hot and has flavour on top of it. My favourite colour is blue because it’s my papa’s favourite colour and my other favourite colour is red because it’s my nana’s favourite colour.My favourite sport is touch. It’s really easy for me to run straightC my other favourite sport is netball because all of the positions are my favourite. My favourite rugby team is The Tongan Rugby Team because it’s just my culture and I love my culture. My most favourite thing is to spend time with my family and friends. I just love my family so much and I love
hanging out with my friends.


That’s all about me.

Short Story: Harold

Today after morning tea My class Rm 8 went to see Harold we learned about Fixed and Growth mindset. After that we played a clapping game then we watched a boy named Capy and it was sad because there was 3 bullys and they were mocking him and his dad but then this boy came and said sorry to him for what the bullys have said and after that they became friends after that we talked about it. Then we finished and went outside then went to class. Thank you.